Are you...
Considering opening
up an existing
relationship, and/or
wondering if an open
relationship is right
for you?

Struggling with
jealousy and
insecurity in your poly

Needing support in
living an alternative

Wondering how to
establish and
maintain trust as a
relationship opens?

Wondering how to
discuss all this with
"the kids"?66
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Polyamory, sometimes also referred to as "ethical non-monogamy", or "consensual
non-monogamy" is at its essence the ability and/or desire to love and be in
relationship with more than one person, while being completely honest about that
with all others one is intimately involved with. When done well, it can allow for a fuller
expression of sex and love than is usually available in more traditional relationships.

The struggles in a polyamorous lifestyle usually involve issues of communication,
insecurity and jealousy, fear of losing the loved other, and an inability to feel in
control in the usual sense that people in more traditional configurations might feel.

Traditional psychotherapy, with its assumption that monogamy is the healthiest form
of partnership, has done a disservice to polyamorous clients by not acknowledging,
firstly, that many people are not monogamous, and secondly, by not offering ways of
understanding and supporting non traditional partnerships. As a therapist, I am
committed to honoring the love potentially present in all consciously chosen
relationships, and am available to work with individuals, couples, triads, and other
relationship configurations to enhance the well-being and emotional health of all

I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience working in the
mental health field. My work is solution oriented and psycho-dynamic in nature, and
filled with humor, curiosity, and compassion for others. I am committed to assisting
those with gender variant identities in finding love, compassion, wholeness, and as
full a life as possible. I work relationally with individuals, couples, children, groups,
and other relationship configurations.

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