Are you...
into leather, power
play, and/or BDSM,
and looking for

drawn to sexual
practices that also
cause you concern or

wondering how a
history of trauma or
neglect is influencing
the ways you "play"?

wondering whether
and how to let the
kink side of you come
out to family and

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I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience working in the
mental health field. My work is solution oriented and psycho-dynamic in nature, and
filled with humor, curiosity, and compassion for others. I am committed to assisting
those with gender variant identities in finding love, compassion, wholeness, and as
full a life as possible. I work relationally with individuals, couples, children, groups,
and other relationship configurations.

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Jeanna Eichenbaum,
Licensed Psychotherapist
(415) 318-9584
Having an alternative sexuality identity can be incredibly rewarding experience, bonding
us with tight knit communities, and bringing new family and support into our lives. It can
also be a source of great difficulty, fear and pain, particularly if what we are doing is
confusing or concerning to us, or leaves us feeling we have no compass upon which to
rely. Further, these issues are rarely explored in any meaningful way. If you are
wondering if the exploration of sexual power dynamics
is helping or hurting, or are looking for new ways to experience sexuality and pleasure
that involve power exchange, having a skillful, supportive, and open therapist can be a
source of help along the way.
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Counseling Center
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