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Randy Weled, MFT
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Do you suffer from Depression?

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning?
Are you overeating or undereating?
Do you feel like nothing brings you pleasure anymore?
Does taking care of yourself seem like a tremendous burden?
Do your thoughts become your enemies?

These are common signs of depression.  Depression immobilizes
people, makes their lives miserable and sometimes it seems like
their life is not worth living.

Most times people suffer by themselves.  Depression cannot be
handled alone.  It is the time that we need help the most:  from
our friends, our family and from a professional.

Together you and I can begin to relieve your pain today.  Please
call or email today for help in the Bay Area.

415-834-1755 or

There is hope and a solution
Your depression can lead  to a deep self understanding and the
ability to accept and love yourself.

Example of help for depression in my San Francisco mental health practice
    A person suffering from severe depression often needs an empathic
    listener more than anyone else. One of my clients was so debilitated by his
    depression, he cried and could hardly function for hours on end.
    Sometimes he just needed to be held. The therapy I used when he felt well
    enough to participate was expressive arts, movement, role-playing and
    dreams.  I showed him that depression was trying to teach him things about
    himself that he had been ignoring. The art and drama helped him see
    depression from a different view point.

    My counseling methods are like looking at a hologram. It does not matter
    what my client and I talk about, eventually all problems reveal themselves.

Individual therapy for acute and chronic illness in my San Francisco
counseling practice
    One of my clients was a cancer survivor who suffered severe pain and was
    not capable of working. I counseled her for several years. As a result of our
    work together, she is married and finishing her university degree in the
    healthcare field.  My immediate focus with this client was rebuilding her
    sense of self-worth and overcoming a hopeless attitude. I then taught her
    skills to handle anxiety. I also encouraged her to communicate with family
    members and her boyfriend who all wanted to help her recover. I also
    supported her by phone when she called.

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Golden Gate counseling Center serves the  entire Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Pinole, Santa
Rosa, San bruno, Daly City,  South San Francisco, Burlingame, Sausalito, San Rafael, and Santa Cruz.  We service the counties:   
Santa Clara County, Contra Costa county, Marin county, Sonoma county, Monterey and Mendocino counties. We provide couples
counseling, counseling for the gay lesbian bisexual transgender and intersex community.  We deal with addictions to substance abuse,
drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, and debting.  We also offer family interventions, family therapy and relationship counseling.  Our
specialists deal with depression anxiety, trauma, and codependency.  We work with individuals, couples and families.
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