Brainspotting:   Healing Trauma
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Golden Gate Counseling Center
Downtown San Francisco, CA
Randy Weled, MFT
Suffering from life long trauma?
Have you been sexually abused?
Have you been diagnosed with PTSD or Anxiety Disorder?
Have you been traumatized by an accident?
Have you experienced a painful loss?
Are you survivor of domestic abuse?

Brainspotting may be an answer for you.  Watch this video.

Brainspotting is a focused treatment method that was developed
by David Grand and Lisa Shwartz in 2003.  

David Grand and Lisa Schwarz discovered that by simply
following the gaze of the eye, one is able to access painful
memories and feeling states.  When you are able to focus on a
visual spot that coincides with a particular problem or upset, the
brain will automatically begin to process and release the
unwanted energy.  This process is as simple as it sounds, and yet
it is very powerful.  As the therapist, my role is only to follow you
and your process wherever it will lead us.  I do not know where
we are going but I am there to protect you on your journey.  Of
course before we can start the journey I need to
gain your
trust and become attuned with your goals and desires.

This process is affective with dealing with anxiety,
depression, abuse and trauma.  It can also be effective when
you are unable to make a decision.

What is my personal experience with Brainspotting?

I have experienced many different paradigms of therapy in
my life.  All of them have been effective in supporting my
own healing process.  Brainspotting has played a unique
role in allowing me freedom in my life.  In a very short time it
allowed me to process through trauma that I had been
holding my whole life.  It helped me handle situations in my
life that used to seem impossible.

What is my experience of Brainspotting with my clients?

My clients are able to access their own rate of healing and
are able to focus very quickly on what they want to heal.  
They decide at what intensity they are able to deal with a
particular issue. Since there is no right way to heal, the
client nor the therapist  feel  pressure to do it right.  If the
two of us hang out together, change will happen.

Individual therapy for trauma in my San Francisco counseling practice

    Often a client comes to me initially for one reason, and sexual abuse or
    trauma comes up later. We work at each person's pace. With the
    development of Brainspotting developed by David Grand and Lisa Schwarz,
    we are able to access the parts of the brain that hold good and bad
    memories from the past.  With the help of the therapist, you are able to
    create resources to help you deal with traumatic experiences from the past.  
    We all hold trauma because being born is traumatic.

    Things men and woman have hidden all of their life frequently are
    expressed in our sessions.

    I work with dreams and nightmares, showing how disturbances are held in
    the body and providing a means for releasing them.

    I believe that all people are part of a larger group, be it family, spiritual,
    friends, or work. I like to know where a client is coming from to determine
    how best to be of help.

    Often members of an extended family or group are invited to therapy
    sessions to work on a client's specific issues. I have even lived with a
    group or family to help resolve difficult problems.

Sexual abuse and trauma therapy in my San Francisco mental health
    A woman came to me who had been sexually abused by a family member. As
    a result of her trauma, she was extremely overprotective of her own
    children.  Using a combination of techniques, I helped her see ways of
    having healthy relationships with her children and husband.  In this case, I
    worked only with the woman, but many times I will work with the entire family.

    Helping individuals through their personal network and investigating a
    client's "personal pathology" reveals that no one lives in a vacuum and that
    others suffer similar feelings.

    I specialize in "inner child" work, and will role-play to help a client work on
    issues. Switching roles often reveals a resolution to the problem.

    Role playing is an effective way of relieving anxiety about stressful

Help with famly-of-origin stress problems in my San Francisco
psychotherapy practice
    One of my clients and I worked on family-of-origin issues.  His mother was
    very controlling and would not allow him to express himself freely. He was
    an educator and wanted to help others through educational programs.  
    When he first came to see me, he was afraid to express his dreams and
    withdrew to protect himself from being hurt. I helped him express his desire
    to help others through education. He now expresses his passion through
    his unique educational programs.

Fear and phobia therapy in my San Francisco counseling practice
    A man came to see me to overcome his fear of flying. Using experiential and
    cognitive behavior therapy, I led him through an imaginary flight.  From
    getting ready for a trip and packing, to driving to the airport and checking
    in, to sitting in the boarding area waiting, we thoroughly covered every
    detail.  The next step was to actually go to the airport and sit with him,
    allowing him to experience his anxiety. He eventually prepared himself to
    take a trip and successfully overcome his anxiety about flying.

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